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How much will it cost?

Prices are based on the number of chimneys to be swept and location.

How long does it take?

It usually takes half an hour to sweep a straightforward flue. However, occasionally we might experience problems with chimneys because of differing constructions, which means it may take more time to sweep. Blockages, as in bird’s nests take longer to clear because of the amount of debris that has to be removed and can incur further charges depending on work involved. (This would be discussed beforehand.)

Why can’t you give me an exact time for my appointment?

When you book a sweep, he has to work his route out to enable him to fit jobs in accordingly. He can generally give you a time slot the previous evening. We try to keep to schedule as far as is possible and will always let you know if we are likely to arrive outside the previously agreed appointment time.

Will I need to cover the furniture?

We provide sheets that cover the fireplace opening and the area to the front of the fireplace, and we also use a vacuum to keep dust to an absolute minimum, but covering your furniture and electrical equipment would be beneficial.

I’ve lit my fire and it is smoking – does it need to be cleaned?

If it has not been swept within the past 12 months, for safety it should be swept as soon as possible. If it has not been used since it was last swept, the problem of birds nesting could be the problem.


All Sweepmasters are fully trained (including Ladder Association training in the safe use of ladders and ladder placement).


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